XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro 投影機

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Cinematic Brilliance On-the-Go


Enormous Fun Begins Here

MOGO 2 Pro was designed for fun-filled home entertainment whenever you need it. Featuring a bright 400 ISO lumens, the highest in its class, D65 color temperature standard used in Hollywood, premier built-in surround sound speakers, and our upgraded ISA 2.0 technology, MoGo 2 Pro delivers a professional visual experience in a small build but in a big way!


Fun-Sized, Bright & Bold+

Witness a remarkable explosion of clear details and color in beaming-bright detail projected on MoGo 2 Pro's 120" screen.

Better Color for a Hollywood- Level Cinematic Experience

Color conveys the emotion, philosophy, and story of every movie. This is why we've integrated the D65 color temperature standard used in Hollywood and the DCI-P3 color gamut in MoGo 2 Pro. Now you can watch your favorite movies in lifelike detail, exactly how the director envisioned.


Cinematic Color Temperature

The integrated D65 color temperature standard used in Hollywood restores all colors in vibrant detail, allowing you to watch movies the way the director envisioned.

True Color Restoration

MoGo 2 Pro's 90% DCI-P3 color gamut is stronger than that of similar products, providing brilliant, lifelike colors for any content.

ISA 2.0: Industry-Leading Environment Adaption

MoGo Pro 2 Pro is equipped with a custom-developed 3D TOF module, featuring 10,000 perception units. MoGo 2 Pro's environmental adaptability technology has introduced a new era for portable projectors, allowing our devices to adapt to your living space faster and more accurately.

XGIMI's New Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) 2.0 

We've upgraded our iconic ISA technology with industry-leading 3D TOF and CMOS solutions. Thanks to 10,000 sets of data per second, you get faster, more accurate, and fully automatic keystone correction and autofocus without any adjustment image prompts interrupting your viewing experience.

Intelligent Eye Protection

Our ToF lens detects the presence of anyone in front of the infrared light and automatically dims to protect the eyes of your kids and pets. Enjoy the safe, comfortable, and peaceful viewing experience your family deserves. 

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

MOGO 2 Pro automatically scales its display around sockets, picture frames, and plants.

Intelligent Screen Alignment

Setup is fast and easy. MoGo 2 Pro automatically matches its image with your screen in seconds!

Best-in-Class Sound

MoGo 2 Pro has achieved an unprecedented level of sound quality for portable projectors. Enjoy double-sided, three-dimensional sound powered by two 8W speakers and compatible with Dolby Audio. Elevate your sports, movies, news and music to new heights. 

4 Professional Audio Modes

With such powerful speakers, we had to provide you 4 incredible modes. Choose freely from our Movie, Sports, Music, and News modes tuned professionally to suit your audio needs and your different use requirements, all with one machine.

Ultimate Entertainment Experience with Android TV 11.0

With the upgraded Android TV 11.0, you get thousands of app options to keep you connected and give you ultimate control of your environment. With Google Play Store integration, your MoGo 2 Pro access 5,000+ native apps, including HBO, Showtime, and YouTube.