After-sale Service Policy

 How to register the warranty?

We provide warranty service to the XGIMI products sold in the below retail stores:

・XGIMI Hong Kong Official Online Shop
Our Authorized Dealers

The warranty starts automatically upon the date of purchase.

 Product Item Warranty Period
Projector 1 Year
Projector Accessories (Remote, Charger, Cables) 1 Month
Others (Stand/Tripod、Carrying Case、Screen) N/A


 What is the price?

Officially licensed products sold in all stores listed above in Hong Kong and Macau offers a prior free maintenance service (factory defaults within warranty period, excluding product warranty is expired or official purchasing receipt cannot be shown).

For other conditions (damage caused by improper misuse / mishandling), according to normal procedure, customers may need to pay the checking fee of HKD$300 (please refer to the charges below). And if there is any additional repairing fee needed, we will notify customers for the detailed quotation before we proceed in fixing within 14 working days via email/ whatsapp (the checking fee will be deducted from the total maintenance fee). If customers do not wish to proceed in maintenance, we will return the product.

Within Warranty Service
Factory Defaults  
Checking Fee HK$0
Repairing Fee HK$0
Damage Caused by Improper Misuse / Mishandling#
Checking Fee HK$300*
Repairing Fee
Depend on situation
Warranty Expired  / Fail to show official purchasing receipt  
Checking Fee HK$300*
Repairing Fee
Depend on situation
* Deductible from the fixing fee.
This warranty programme do not apply to the following situation:
・Product is normally wear and tear
・Damages caused by careless operation
・Improper use of the product (not using the product according to the user manual)
・Product is damaged through misuse, malicious acts, negligence, immerse of any liquids or exposes to adverse weather conditions
・Losses or damages caused by natural disasters
・Product is modified or repaired by third parties
・Product barcode or serial number has been modified
・Other situation that beyond reasonable control



 What should I bring for the maintenance service? 

Please bring along the items below during the maintenance appointment:
All accessories (include but not limit to power cord and user guide)
Original packing

・Official purchasing receipt

If customers fail to bring the above, we reserve the right to provide the maintenance service.


 Terms and conditions:

1. Product maintenance may need up to 30 working days. After maintenance, we will contact customers to pick up via email / whatsapp. 

2. The repair service only applies to the hardware of the product(s). All changed parts are non-returnable.

3. No warranty service will be provided to all non-official products (i.e. parallel imports, non-purchased from authorized dealers), out-of-warranty products, products with broken or missing warranty label or where any violation of Service Terms and Conditions being occurred. 

4. We shall not be responsible for any delay caused by the failure of communication with the customers. Customers are advised to provide with valid contact number(s) or email address. If customers do not receive any pick-up notification three (3) week after the drop off date, please contact us.

5. Customers shall collect their product(s) within three (3) months after receipt of pick up notification from us. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such products that left unclaimed after three (3) months. If the products are not collected within six (6) months, we shall have the right to dispose of the products at its own discretion without any prior notice and compensation.

6. The service order receipt should be kept as proof for collection of products. In the case of loss of receipt and products being taken by others, we shall not be held responsible. If no original receipt is provided, we shall have the right to refuse to return the products.

7. For products with invisible defects, if customers request for return of their products after inspection and a repair quotation is delivered, we may not be able to restore the products back to the original defective status.

8. For products not covered by warranty, if customers are found to have violated any Repair Service Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse), we shall have the right to cancel any fixed repair service charge quotation and a new separate quotation based on actual defects shall be applied.

9. All data stored in electronics products may be lost or deleted after the repair. Before delivering any product for repair service, customers should keep a backup copy of customers’ data or information stored in the product(s) and disable any security passwords by themselves. Customers acknowledge and agree that data or information may be altered or deleted from the product(s) during repairs to which customers do not have any objection. We shall not be responsible or liable for any data stored on the product(s) that is lost, altered, deleted, or is otherwise inaccessible after repair.

10. Customers acknowledge and do not have any objection to the fact that we do not warrant any uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product(s), and is not under any obligation to support the product(s) for all operating environment, including but not limited to, compatibility with all current and/or future versions of software or hardware, after the repairs. 

Fortune Fountains (Asia) Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate any product warranty at any time without prior notice.

In any case of dispute, Fortune Fountains (Asia) Limited reserves the right to make final decisions and the right to interpret any terms and conditions set forth above in its sole and absolute discretion.

For any questions regarding the above, please contact our customer service team.