1. Where is the serial number?

1) The 12-digit S.N. number is printed on the bottom of the projector;

2) Or in the system: System Settings > System Information > Serial Number


2. Is there a way to switch from the Chinese version to the global version?

Our global version is available to overseas customers to provide more convenience and a better user experience. The compatibility issues may arise when switching because of the differences in firmware settings between the global and Chinese versions. It is not suggested to switch between these two versions, and XGIMI is not liable for the issues mentioned earlier.


3. When is a system update required? Where can I find the 'System Update'?
The system update prompt 'System Update' will appear on the homepage when it is necessary to update.

You can access system updates by following the path:
Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Updates


4. How to use mirror projection?

1. Setting the iOS mirror projection method:
- Download and install 'MagiCast' APP from the Google Play Store.
- Connect your iPhone/iPad and XGIMI projector to the same Wi-Fi network.
- Open the 'MagiCast' APP on your projector.
- Select 'Screen Mirroring Output' in your iPhone/iPad control center (the icon shows two boxes).
- Mirror the projection by clicking on the name displayed on the MagiCast screen, such as 'RS PRO 3'.

2. Setting the Android mirror projection method:
- Download the "Google Home" APP on your mobile phone or tablet;
- Connect your phone or tablet and XGIMI projector to the same Wi-Fi network;
- Open "Google Home" on your mobile phoneor tablet, find "Other Delivery Devices" at the bottom, and click on the projector model to mirror the projection;


5. How to uninstall installed applications?
- Ensure that the projector is connected to the network before uninstalling it.
- Access the 'Settings' option on the home page and proceed to locate the specified application as follows:
Settings > Apps > View all apps > Show system apps > Find the app you want to uninstall, such as: "Netflix" > Uninstall > OK


6. How to install the application? How to install the Netflix application?
- Ensure that the projector is connected to the network before installation.
- Search for the specified application in the Google Play store, such as Netflix, and click on 'Install'.
- The Netflix application can be located in the 'Applications' column on the homepage upon download and installation. Click on it to activate it.

1. If your XGIMI system is outdated, locate the Netflix app in the desktop manager and select 'Netflix (recommended)' to download it. Use the 'Desktop Launcher' instead of the 'Desktop Manager' if there is a new version of the XGIMI system.

2. Before installing the new Netflix app, it's necessary to uninstall the previous one and locate it on the home screen.
Settings > Applications > View all applications > Show system applications >
Find the application you want to uninstall, such as: "Netflix" > Uninstall > OK

More Details:


7. How to use the 'Netflix' application?

1. Wireless projection method
To watch Netflix on XGIMI products, start by opening the Google Chrome browser on your PC and using the cast function to project.

2. Wired connection method
HDMI cables can be used to connect mobile phones, laptops, stand-alone TV boxes, game consoles, and other playback devices to Netflix playback capabilities.

3. Download third-party software
a) First Download 'Desktopmanager' (*Don't type a space) or 'Desktop Launcher' from the Google Play store and install it on the projector.

b) Open 'Desktopmanager' or 'Desktop Launcher' and select 'Applications' to find 'Netflix (recommend)'.

c) Press 'Allow' the 'Desktopmanager' or "Desktop Launcher" to install applications;
d) Install 'Netflix (Recommend)' to start using it;

1. If installation is unsuccessful, please try the following steps.
- Uninstall and redownload;
- Restart the projector and download it again.

2. The "download through third-party software" method may not be available due to changes in Netflix usage policies, so it is recommended that the above methods 1 and 2 are the most stable;

3. Netflix can be viewed through various applications available in the Google Play store. If you want to use them, you can search for them and consult their installation and viewing methods. The playback quality is determined by the application's publisher.

4. Netflix does not allow mirroring wireless projection on mobile devices like mobile phones/tablets through Airplay, SmartView, etc. because of their digital copyright policy.

5. It is recommended to use the option of 'Netflix (Recommend)' for installation;


8. What is the process for connecting my mobile phone or tablet to the projector's speakers and playing music?

[Play music using Bluetooth pairing]

- Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, and then search for the projector model that you want to connect, such as 'Horizon Ultra'.

- On the home page, please press the steps as the following:
Settings > Remote Control and Accessories > Add Accessories > Searching for Accessories (until paired with your phone/tablet) > Bluetooth pairing requirements > Pairing > "Paired" will be displayed if the pairing is successful;

- At last, you are able to play music.

- If you do not need to project, you can use the remote control, press the 'Power button', and then select 'Turn off projection', so that you can play music independently without projecting.

[Play music through mirror projection]

- Ensure that both of your mobile phone and projector are connected to the same network.
- Play the song on your mobile phone.
- Use mirror projection.

1. iOS mirror projection setting method:
- Please download the 'MagiCast' APP from the Google Play Store in your projector;
- Connect iPhone/iPad and XGIMI projector to the same Wi-Fi network;
- Open the "MagiCast" APP on the projector;
- Select 'Screen Mirroring Output' in the iPhone/iPad's control center (the picture shows two boxes);
- Then click on the name of the 'Air screen' screen display, for example: 'Horizon Ultra' to mirror the projection;

2. Android phone/tablet projection setting method:
- Download the 'Google Home' application on your mobile phone/tablet;
- Connect your mobile phone/tablet and XGIMI projector to the same Wi-Fi network;
- Open "Google Home" on your mobile phone/tablet, find "Other Delivery Devices" below, and click on the projector model to mirror the projection;
- If you do not need to project, you can use the remote control, press the 'Power button', and then select 'Turn off projection', so that you can play music independently without projecting.


9. Can I use a projector to watch TV?
You can download the relevant playback platform for projection viewing through the "Google Play" store.
As long as the application playback platform downloaded from the "Google Play" store in the projector can be projected.

*Note: Due to digital copyright protection policies, some playback platforms do not support mirroring wireless projection of mobile devices such as mobile phones/tablets (such as Airplay, SmartView, etc.)


10. How to turn on or off eye protection mode?
On the home page, click Settings > Projector Settings > Others > Automatic Eye Protection (On or Off)

*Note: This feature is only available on new XGIMI models.


11. How to make videos/pictures in USB playback in a loop?
1. First download the "MX Player" loop playback APP from Google Play Store;

2. After downloading, click "Open" to open the "MX Player" APP application;

3. A prompt for permission permission will pop up on the screen:
"Allow MX Player to access photos, media and files on your device".
Please click "Allow" to allow permission to continue the operation.

4. After permission is granted, the screen will switch to your USB folder. Please select and open the video you want to play, and then press the "☰" button with three horizontal lines on the remote control to display the status bar options on the screen. Please select " Play">"Loop All" loop playback settings are completed.


12. How to Set Up The 3D Feature on Your XGIMI Projector?
Here's a short guide on how to activate and use the 3D feature on your XGIMI 3D projector:

  • When playing or streaming a 3D movie or video, click the "Shortcut" button on your projector's remote controller.
  • Select '3D Video Setup'.
  • Select the corresponding 3D mode (up/down 3D mode or left/right 3D mode).
  • You will know that the 3D feature is enabled when the images combine and the display becomes blurry.
  • On your XGIMI 3D glasses, adjust the buttons until you can see a clear image. Charge your 3D glasses before use. Please also ensure that your XGIMI 3D glasses are fully charged.

    *Note that using the XGIMI 3D glasses is recommended for an ideal viewing experience.


13. How to Use Your XGIMI 3D Glasses?
To enable the XGIMI 3D glasses:
  • Press the power button once to turn them on.
  • Press a second time to adjust the image quality, and repeat until the image is clear.
  • When playing 3D movies on your projector, you must choose between the 'up/down 3D' and 'left/right 3D' effects to optimize your viewing experience.
The following guide will help you use your XGIMI 3D glasses for projectors ideally:
  • Charging time: The 3D glasses take around two to three hours to get a full charge.
  • Power on: Press the power button to turn on the 3D glasses. A green LED light will flash to indicate that the glasses are on.
  • Power off: After use, long-press the power button for three seconds to turn the 3D glasses off. The glasses will go off after the green LED light flashes thrice.
  • Standby status: The glasses will switch to standby mode After five seconds without detecting a 3D signal. During standby mode, the green LED light will flash every five seconds.
  • USB charging: During charging, a red indicator light will appear. The red light goes off when the glasses are fully charged.
  • Low battery mode: The green LED light will flash five times, then twice every ten seconds, when the 3D glasses are low on battery.
    *Note that if you are interesting on 3D glasses, please Whatsapp us at 97212879 for purchase order.


Mogo Series

 1. Can i use Mogo Series products as a portable bluetooth speaker?

Yes. You are able to enjoy music from phone via Bluetooth with following steps.

Step 1: Open Bluetooth on your phone and connect Mogo with your phone via Bluetooth
Step 2: Accept Bluetooth pairing request
Step 3: Turn on music on your phone and enjoy it via Mogo


 2. Can I connect my external speakers to Mogo series?
Yes. You can connect your external speakers to Mogo series via 3.5mm- AUX , HDMI arc.


 3. Is voice control available for Mogo Series?
Yes. Mogo is equipped with built-in Google Assistant.


 4. How large can Mogo series project?

Mogo series projection ratio: 1.2:1 To adjust Mogo's projection size, you can physically move the device backwards or forwards. 50-80 inches for the best projection size.

*Throw ratio is the ratio of the distance thrown from the lens to the screen width. The smaller the projection ratio is, the larger the screen can throw. 


 5. Does it support screen mirroring?
It's Google official ATV system built-in with chromecast. You can cast your favorite entertainment apps from your Android or iOS device to enjoy movies, music, games, live shows etc.


 6. Can I use my phone as a remote controller?
Yes. Please download an Android TV app on your phone, and connect to the same wifi as your projector.


 7. Does Mogo Series Products have zooming feature?
Yes. Please go to Setting > Device Preferences > Display > Keystone correction > Side projection mode > Zoom screen > In/ Out.


 8. How long does it take to fully charge my Mogo Pro?

Under Standby Mode (When lens close) or Shutdown Mode : Around 1.5 hours

Under Projection Mode : Around 4-hour

PS: The data serves as reference only. The charging time varies from different using environments, external environments or using habits.


General XGIMI Products

 1. Where is the serial number located?

1) The 12-digit SN number is usually on the bottom of your projector;

2) Or you can find it in system info: System Settings > System Information > Serial Number


 2. Can I switch to the global version if I have a Chinese projector?
For a more convenient and better user experience, we have a global version for overseas customers. This system is completely different from the Chinese version. To avoid any possible compatibility issues, booting issues or system crashes, please don't switch the firmware between these two versions. XGIMI is not liable for the above issues.