Mogo Series

 1. Can i use Mogo Series products as a portable bluetooth speaker?

Yes. You are able to enjoy music from phone via Bluetooth with following steps.

Step 1: Open Bluetooth on your phone and connect Mogo with your phone via Bluetooth
Step 2: Accept Bluetooth pairing request
Step 3: Turn on music on your phone and enjoy it via Mogo


 2. Can I connect my external speakers to Mogo series?
Yes. You can connect your external speakers to Mogo series via 3.5mm- AUX , HDMI arc.


 3. Is voice control available for Mogo Series?
Yes. Mogo is equipped with built-in Google Assistant.


 4. How large can Mogo series project?

Mogo series projection ratio: 1.2:1 To adjust Mogo's projection size, you can physically move the device backwards or forwards. 50-80 inches for the best projection size.

*Throw ratio is the ratio of the distance thrown from the lens to the screen width. The smaller the projection ratio is, the larger the screen can throw. 


 5. Does it support screen mirroring?
It's Google official ATV system built-in with chromecast. You can cast your favorite entertainment apps from your Android or iOS device to enjoy movies, music, games, live shows etc.


 6. Can I use my phone as a remote controller?
Yes. Please download an Android TV app on your phone, and connect to the same wifi as your projector.


 7. Does Mogo Series Products have zooming feature?
Yes. Please go to Setting > Device Preferences > Display > Keystone correction > Side projection mode > Zoom screen > In/ Out.


 8. How long does it take to fully charge my Mogo Pro?

Under Standby Mode (When lens close) or Shutdown Mode : Around 1.5 hours

Under Projection Mode : Around 4-hour

PS: The data serves as reference only. The charging time varies from different using environments, external environments or using habits.


General XGIMI Products

 1. Where is the serial number located?

1) The 12-digit SN number is usually on the bottom of your projector;

2) Or you can find it in system info: System Settings > System Information > Serial Number


 2. Can I switch to the global version if I have a Chinese projector?
For a more convenient and better user experience, we have a global version for overseas customers. This system is completely different from the Chinese version. To avoid any possible compatibility issues, booting issues or system crashes, please don't switch the firmware between these two versions. XGIMI is not liable for the above issues.