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 Making Little Moments Bigger 

Elfin is Here to Brighten Your Life
Meet Elfin, a smart home projector packed with stunning resolution, tremendous sound, and most of all, remarkable brightness, all in a compact design. With Elfin, you can project what you love in super-bright detail and make any moment in your life bigger!

A Sleek, Minimalist Design You’ll Love
Elfin provides all the amazing features of any XGIMI projector but in a much more compact design. And with solid lens protection! No more lugging around a bulky projector. Jazz up that next game night or crush any important presentation with Elfin by your side.


Remarkably Bright & Clear Display
Simply put, Elfin packs some seriously powerful brightness and FHD resolution. Regardless of the content, Elfin provides the brightest visual experience for its size.

Size Really Does Matter

Hollywood is coming to your living room, and it’s bringing a 200” screen with it. Experience all the theater-like thrills and joys of 3D movies in the comfort of your home. With such a large, crystal-clear view, Elfin will easily supersize any moment.


Use Elfin Anywhere

Elfin’s 1.2:1 throw ratio makes it suitable for projecting in most rooms, gyms, or offices, regardless of how small. Enjoy screen sizes between 60''-120" and supersize all your movies, video games, and little moments wherever, whenever!

The screen size varies based on the throw distance

Spend More Time Using not Adjusting

With Elfin, you’ll never feel frustrated by a slow or complex setup. Simply plug it in, power it on rapidly with our fast boot function, and let the Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) technology perfectly adjust your display in seconds.


A New Way to Game

Are you an avid or casual gamer? We haven’t forgotten about you. Elfin’s Game Mode Boost enhances your gaming worlds with low latency and incredible refresh rates. Stay connected easily via Elfin’s USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio ports.

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Brilliant Lifelike Imagery

HDR 10 helps Elfin provide the ultimate contrast ratio, making the brightest image colors brighter and the dark areas more pronounced. Enjoy true-to-life visuals with incredible color depth and detail for all you project.


You Deserve a Sharp Display

Our X-VUE 2.0 image engine significantly boosts the color and clarity for any dynamic content. And there’s absolutely nothing better than a clear viewing experience to fully immerse you into whatever you love to watch.

Committed to You and the Environment

Rest easy knowing your Elfin projector provides you and your family a safer viewing experience by limiting blue light exposure and reducing waste. Low power consumption plus an ultra-efficient LED light source equals a durable, eco-friendly device that is fully usable, even when watching 6 hours per day for over 10 years.

 Never Miss a Moment of the Action

Elfin combines 60Hz motion compensation (MEMC) and super-low latency to deliver images with incredibly low image blur any time of day. This means you won’t miss a single detail of any action movie or sports game.

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