Step-by-Step Guide: Enjoying Netflix on XGIMI Projectors

Here’s how to download and install Netflix to your XGIMI Projector:

1. Desktop Manager

One easy way to enjoy Netflix on your XGIMI projector is by downloading the app through the DesktopManager app on the projector. Follow these easy steps:

Install the Netflix App on your XGIMI projector 

Here's how to install the app:

Step1: Go to the Google Play Store:

Plug in the XGIMI projector and wait for it to come on. Once it does, you will see an overview of various apps. Using your remote, enter the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Find the DesktopManager App:

Click on the search bar and type in "DesktopManager."

Download and open DesktopManager

Step 3. Download the DesktopManager app:

Click on 'Open' and the DesktopManager app will download. While downloading the app, you may get the following notification: "Give DesktopManager access to photos, media, and files on your device'. Select 'Allow.' Once it has downloaded, click the 'Open' button that appears.

Step 4. Download the Netflix App:

Once you open the app, it will show different app options on the homepage. Find 'Netflix (Recommend)' and click on it to download it. You will be notified and asked if you want to download an unknown app. Grant the DesktopManager access to start downloading the app.

Find Netflix(Recommend) in Desktop ManagerInstalling the Netflix

Step 5. Check the DesktopManager Box:

You will also get a warning that the download may damage your projector. Read through the warming as well as the terms. If you agree, check and tick the 'DesktopManager' box. Your download will continue.

Step 6. Add Netflix to the Home Menu:

Select 'Apps' at the top left corner of the home menu. On the right, a new window will open. You will see the Netflix application, and you can start watching movies.

Add Netflix to the Favourite Apps

2. Watch Netflix on Your XGIMI Projector

Before watching Netflix on a projector, you must log in or sign up. Here's how to watch Netflix in 4K HORIZON Ultra projector:

Step 1. Open the APK:

Open the Netflix APK on your XGIMI projector

Open the Netflix APK on your XGIMI HORIZON Ultra

Step 2. Log in to the APK:

Once the app has opened, log in or sign up if you don't have an account.

Log in to the APKEnter your Netflix account and password

Step 3. Directory Display Page and Search Page:

A Directory Display Page and Search Page will appear. From the directory list, you can choose from the different available categories, which include ‘only on Netflix,’ ‘recommendations,’ ‘all movies,’ ‘movie genres,’ ‘audio description,’ ‘TV show genres,’ ‘list of all kinds,’ and ‘profiles.’ However, if you want to find a specific movie, you can use the search bar. Type in the movie or show title.

Directory Display Page and Search Page

Step 4. Contents Page:

Using the search bar or following the directory will lead you to the Contents Page. Select a movie and start watching!

Contents Page